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about me


Visions and dreams - they are like doors on a long roade into our life. Behind every new one you will find someone else who can show you another way.

My path led to art. 

The creative diversity of painting has always fascinated me. Since 2002 I have been working  freelance  as an artist. I live with my family  in a Lauenburg village near Hamburg.

My pictures can be viewed in my studio as well as at various exhibitions in various spaces such as galleries, trade fairs and companies. 


It is no coincidence that the selection of my motifs includes  the Hamburg port and city area -  it is full of images and inspiration in its versatility,  which always inspire me to new, special perspectives.

As a native of Hamburg, passion for the coast, wind and water runs in my blood. The Speicherstadt and the harbor always impress me. They stand for tradition and modernity, which can never quite agree on who is decisive.  Hafencity and Speicherstadt, a gateway to the world and into the future, combined with a memory of past merchant days.

I like to capture pictures,  the  canals,  red-brown brick houses, the water at low or high tide, connecting bridges  and the like or show impressions of ships.

Of great importance  are colors and structures in all my pictures . Whether it's the Speicherstadt, the coastline, the lighthouse or the North Sea - the impressions develop from the expressive and experimental processing.

Many pictures are created in a  Material mix on different painting grounds. In addition to the screen, aluminium, wooden panels or a stretched coffee sack are used.  Through an impasto paint application in layers of acrylic paints and  structure pastes,  sand mixes, oil paints and  - Chalk, rust, patina and much more, the picture receives various structural levels that convey a relief-like surface.

The richness of contrast  makes the  Motifs unique and gives them a sense of liveliness.


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